Scrum Roles

The three scrum roles are the development team, the scrum master, and the product owner. Learn about what their responsibilities are.

When a company decides to use Scrum, one of the first things to understand is how Scrum roles differ from traditional project management roles. While there are only three main roles in Scrum, they don't automatically align with titles familiar to most of us.

The Development Team

The development team is a cross-functional team of developers, QA testers, designers, and other technical members who are needed in the actual development of the product.

Product Owner

The product owner owns the backlog, strives to prioritize, and takes all the key decisions with respect to the product. This person turns all the user chunks of work so the development team can work on them.

Scrum Master

The scrum master is responsible for making sure the entire team has everything they need to build and ship a task or user story on time. This person often communicates progress, makes sure that all progress in the scrum tool is updated, and ensures there aren’t any roadblocks that is often immediately visible in a burndown chart.